Mongol Rally 2004 & 2005 Blogs & Photos
The inaugural rally took place in 2004.  It was a much smaller affair, with a mere 6 cars setting off.  Of these 4 somehow got there, the others were lost along the way.  One was abandoned in the western plains of Kazakhstan, its drivers having to hitchhike 200 miles to the nearest big town, and the other last heard of in the long stay carpark at Moscow airport.  As far as anyone knows it is still there.  The rules were the same, the big difference was that it was truly a journey into the unknown.  We were the trail blazers.  Well, we always thought we were travelling at blazing speeds.
It should be easy this year, its already been proved it can be done.
The following are the 3 missives i sent back along the way, they hopefully give a good idea of what it was like to take part in the rally
The 2004 Mongol Rally