Mongol Rally 2004 & 2005 Blogs & Photos
The Rally was run in aid of two very worthy causes, the first is a charity called Send A Cow and the second is Save The Children’s projects in Mongolia.  
Send a cow is an excellent charity which gives cross bred cows with a much higher milk yield than their native equivalents to poor families in African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.  Not only do these cows help combat malnutrition but also fertilise the land and produce a surplus of milk, which can be sold and the money then used for the education of their children or investment in other money making procedures.  The first female calf is passed on to another family in need.  Training is also given to those provided with a cow.  In cases where a cow would be unsuitable other livestock, for instance chickens or goats, are used.
Save the children provide a drop-in centre in Ulaan Baatar for homeless children, in a country where 1/3 of all children live in poverty.  Here they provide food, water, clothes and have doctors on hand to teach the children about looking after themselves and recognising when they are ill, apparently quite a problem.  Other projects include the establishment of kindergartens for the estimated 2/3 children without access to a preschool education, and several more besides.
The Charities