Mongol Rally 2004 & 2005 Blogs & Photos
Our final sponsorship total was over £5000, which we were rather chuffed with really.  Thankyou so much to everyone who contributed.  All money donated went to the charities rather than towards funding our trip.
There were a number of ways we got people to sponsor us.  To make things more interesting sponsors were offered the chance to sponsor specific parts of our car, a number of which had been assigned an arbitrary value, alternatively the more adventurous came up with their own.  If this did not appeal then it was also possible to sponsor us an amount for every border we managed to cross.  A couple of people found themselves to be rather more generous than they had perhaps envisaged when faced with our final tally of 17 borders crossed.
The original sponsorship letter can be downloaded here
And the sponsorship form here
The thankyou letter sent to donors is here
Alternatively people were able to donate by credit or debit card at our sites, where private individuals have a massive 28% bonus added to their contribution through the giftaid scheme.  (Save the children)
The Infinite Sponsorship Drive